I'm Ruslan. I'm photography enthusiast. I have beloved wife and lovely son. I work as full stack software developer and team lead.

Photography is my pleasure and a hobby. A walk with a camera is the best way to chill out, get rest and see the beauty and depth of the world around us.

Here is my favorite works:

Moon over the Biruchiy Island
Biruchiy was an island 90 years ago. Now it is not island but just continuation of Fedotova spit. But you will agree that the “island” sounds more interesting and expensive then “spit”.
Dark vs Light
I was driving from east to west. It was evening after an overcast day.
Colors of Winter Night
Night is not only darkness. There is a lot of light at night, especially in winter. You just need to be able to see it.
10 a.m. of Year
Bright Sunny Morning of Year
Fisherman’s Places
September morning. The first breath of autumn. Last warm days.

Feel free to email me at theruslanium@gmail.com or follow me at 500px.