War in Ukraine. Neighbor has attacked us. There is a lot of suffering, misery and grief around.

Dnipro City located in a couple of hundred kilometers from the fighting. Sometimes rockets come. There are frequent air raids. The war is close and it is felt.

Life in the Carpathians is completely different. They are far from the war. No air raids.

If you do not read the news and live somewhere higher in the mountains, you may not even know that the war is going on.

Rains, fogs, mushrooms. Perfect August.

Below in the village, a cow is mooing loudly and its mooing echoes between the mountains.

Such a gorgeous fog descends into the valley that you can't even believe it happens.

There is unhurried life going on downstairs. Tourists, souvenirs, cafes, vats.

In the mountains, you have to walk a lot of uncomfortably wet trails. And this is salvation.

And walking through the woods is just happiness. It's like I'm back in a fairy tale.

The sun is showing. Peaceful sky and carefree clouds.

Sometimes I can't believe that there are such peaceful places in reality.

So quiet that I can hear the trees breathing.

And in that breath I hear the inescapable.

Ukraine will win.

Peace will come.

Life will go on.

The Truth is behind Us.